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  • That’s undoubtedly perk of having a house, parking or dedicated spot. But even without those at least here in NL infrastructure as is is pretty good even for those without didcated charging spot. I thin what should be easily done is slow charging spot on every parting spot. Cost wise it’s not much and pulling max 2.5kw should not be much of an issue for the grid. In that way every car would have a dedicated charging to fill up over night if needed. Cost of such implementation wouldn’t be to big either.

  • Second hand Renault Zoe user here. I have the model from 2020 with 52kWh battery. Things are pretty ok I think as far as the interior and exterior, but we had major issue with the engine that had to be swapped (good the car was under warranty still in the dealership we bought it from). For the rest it’s pretty smooth ride. The range of the car in spring/summer gets to about 350km so its pretty good. The SOH is 91.3%. Ranault’s warranty on battery is still active until 2028 or 80 000km or when battery’s SOH drops below 75% so for now I am not worried about this. I think once the battery gets low and outside of warranty there will most certainly be more developed infrastructure of third-party battery module maintenance so it should be possible to get the pack to it’s original state for not gigantic sums of money.

  • That youtuber is pretty much paid advertisement for startups. I would not take this guy serious. I have seen also number of videos about this type of turbine and also some debunks. Harmony turbine is project that has not yet shown results apart from lots of publicity. I will try to find a nice video I saw about it, but yeah I wouldnt put too much hope in that. Specially when something’s featured on that youtube channel.

  • Solarthermal is something I thought about but seeing how little is produced on the roof now I wonder how much impact it will have. I know the efficiency of solar collectors is about 80% while solar panels are 20-30%, but installation of solar collectors adds more complexity with plumbing and in summer you again have situation where you have nowhere to spend the heat on and need to either close the system (drain it) or cover the collector. Plus it’s not that cheap. It’s mainly reason why we went for solar panels as although solar panels require more space to provide eqiuvalent power, the low maintenance and the fact the energy can be spent on more stuff then just heating water. So I’m looking at diversifying the energy source. Thats why looking into wind.