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  • 200 signatures after 8 months of genocide. Bravo EU staff. Medal award winning bravery levels on display.

    The letter, signed by 211 people in their personal capacity as citizens and addressed to the EU’s top three officials, begins by condemning the 7 October attacks “in the strongest terms”.


    Yes. This is only a group of staff members of the EU and not the EU itself. The feeling of guilt about World War II in some parts of Europe when it comes to the Jews (But not for the Roma, Sinti and other minority groups who were also victims of the Nazis. Go figure.) is still strong. In the mean time there is the rise of far right parties popularity as well wanting to keep more refugees out of the EU (and this is not just by far right parties but other parties as well) which boils down to racism. Now that Norway, Spain and Ireland will recognize Palestine as a state this could accelerate towards a different stance from the EU but I think it is more likely that the EU will continue just looking at what the USA does and EU will continue to be vocal in protection for Israel government and not for the Palestinian people. Looking at the Russian invasion in Ukraine which started in February 2022 and is more than two years old now the EU members still show hesitation and delays time and again. I think this also has to do with the EU sort of being USA’s lapdog. And has the EU ever done something really memorable for humanity ? I sadly can’t recall anything.

    What I do remember is that an association which currently represents over 2,500 women aged 64 and over won in court against Switzerland. Can the EU be sued for negligence in the conflict in Gaza ?

  • Yeah. I thought about that. When you add an icon to your rows of shortcuts in Firefox and it fails to fetch the correct icon and gives it a generic letter instead and you want to add an icon yourself you cannot just upload or insert an icon to your Firefox, you will need to point it to some web link where the remote icon is. I can imagine Firefox wants to check at each startup whether the remote icon has changed or not (Not completely unreasonable. Think about Twitter changing to X).